Saturday March 10th

Hi amigos!
It's been almost a month since the Taco Tuesday fiasco - time flies!

We've decided to keep the website and petition active. Maybe one day the trademark for Taco Tuesday will be opposed for good, because we all know how f**cking stupid it is!

For now we will continue to eat 1/2 price tacos on TACO TUESDAZE!
Oh, and we're currently trying to get TacoTime to block us on instagram and twitter... so follow along there for a good laugh and

LOVE YOU! xoxo

Sunday February 18th

Hola! We have been unable to reach the person who submitted the name 'Taco Day Olé" -- in the interest of fairness to the other finalists, we are removing this name from the contest and distributing the votes evenly to the other names. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

There's just over 48 hours left to cast your vote... Good luck, amigos!

Friday February 16th

The voting poll is NOW OPEN!
Good Luck! xoxo

Friday February 16th

Just in case you missed out - this article by Genna Buck has been circulated all over the country! So crazy!

Thursday February 15th

Another awesome day hearing from taco fans all over Canada!
We are super pumped for tomorrow because a) it's Friday, and b) we get to open 500+ emails from all of you with your new name suggestions. The top five names will be posted tomorrow afternoon.
Stay tuned...

Wednesday February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day.
Just had a little a-ha moment - it's been a crazy couple of days - and we knew it would be. The reaction from the public is exactly what we expected. Shock and outrage and passion. People are protective of tacos, and #tacotuesday, and supporting local, and looking out for the little guy.

Blanco has received overwhelming support from all over the country, and we're so thankful. Most of the attention isn't out of support for us, it's out of shock that the trademark even exists, and that is a conversation worth having for the sake of taco lovers everywhere.

My a-ha moment (and maybe just because i'm all loved up on Valentine's Day) is the reality of this attention and the massive backlash towards TacoTime. I'm sure you can imagine what people are saying... While we wholeheartedly disagree with MTY Group's decision to single us out and threaten legal action regarding their trademark, and only feel a little bad that their name is taking a beating; the one who suffers from this could be the franchisee, not the corporation. A franchisee is essentially a small business owner, just like us...

Long story short - the most important point of all this is the trademarking of Taco Tuesday.
Not the contest to win tacos, or the boycotting of TacoTime. We didn't ever plan to enter a legal battle and the petition is really just for fun... maybe next week, when we've renamed "the day of the week when everyone on the planet eats discounted tacos," and everyone has calmed down, we can look into opposing the trademark for good. 

So. Sign the petition.
Love, Blanco

Tuesday February 13th

Holy sh!t amigos.  We knew you guys would rally for #tacotuesday but wow! Over 400 submissions for the renaming contest & some nice media coverage today. It's safe to say the public is as shocked as we were. Keep going! We love hearing from you! 

Monday February 12th

What a day!  Over 100 taco lovers have signed the petition and submitted ideas for the name change of our Tacos on Tuesday special  Tomorrow we’ll be chatting to CJAY92 about this surprising and rather hilarious turn of events...   And of course, eating 1/2 price tacos!