Hi Amigos!

We've decided to keep this website active so you can still access the petition to save 'Taco Tuesday' or just relive the funniest 12 days ever... Scroll down for the full story and some fun updates!

Thanks for your continued support, we can't wait to see you at Blanco soon.



We took the Taco Tuesday fiasco to the public...

... and they (unsurprisingly) went BONKERS!

Lots of nice people from the media stopped by...

... to take photos, ask questions, and help spread the word! We heard from people all over the country.

We hosted a little name changing contest...

... then received thousands of emails, social media comments, and phone calls from people who wanted to help.

Hundreds of people voted...

... and the winner of free tacos for a whole year was chosen. Long Live TACO TUESDAZE!

We changed the name...

Taco Tuesdaze at Blanco Cantina

... and our signage, menus, and website. Taco Time may have killed the name but they will never kill our vibes!

We celebrated our first Tacopendence Day...

... February 20th is our new official second favourite day of the year (after Cinco de Mayo, of course) and we're already counting down for 2019



Hola Calgary!

Over two decades ago; before the delicious handheld snack known as the taco was a widespread restaurant staple in Calgary, TacoTime® trademarked the name 'Taco Tuesday'

1997 - not many Mexican style restaurants in Calgary at the time, and two companies in the US had already laid claim to 'Taco Tuesday' - Let's also remember that hashtags, memes, instagram and the wildly prolific use of #tacotuesday didn't exist.

Fast forward to 2018, there's a Mexican joint in every community, and thousands of mentions of 'Taco Tuesday' in social feeds from restaurants, retailers, and a passionate squad of taco lovers (that would be you) online.  

Taco Tuesday is a household name...

And not because of TacoTime!

It's alliteration at its finest, among other weekly and often food related and enabling phrases like Motivation/Meatless Monday, Wing/Wine Wednesday, Fri-Yay, Sunday Funday.
A twitter poll last week proved what we already know - 'Taco Tuesday' is widely used and very few people associate the trademark with the brand who rightfully owns it. It's not a strong trademark name and should be retired. Give it back to the people who love and cherish it (that would be you, again)

Alas, TacoTime owns the legal rights to 'Taco Tuesday' in Canada and they aren't messing around.

Cease and desist

On Friday February 9th 2018, Blanco Cantina received a cease and desist notice from TacoTime, ordering us to stop our unauthorized usage of their trademarked name 'Taco Tuesday'

We get it. TacoTime has a duty to protect the trademark they were smart enough to purchase over 20 years ago. We are certainly not big enough to take this through any legal proceedings and will do what they are asking of us - change the name of our Tuesday night taco special on all signage, print, menus, websites, and promotions.

Will we do it quietly? Hell no!

We need your help, amigos!

1) SIGN the petition to show your support and save 'Taco Tuesday'
Will this petition actually make any difference? Probably not. But it will be fun to see how many taco lovers we can rally! 

2) VOTE for a new name! Our taco special isn't going anywhere. What should we call the beloved day of the week when everyone on the planet eats discounted tacos? 

3) EAT tacos! There are so many taco options in our great city.

Thank you for reading and for your support.
We love you!

PS: Vicente, this is nothing against you and we love your commercials 


Taco Tuesday for the people!

Sign the petition and let's see how many taco lovers we can rally to show their support! We love eating tacos on Tuesday's... don't you?

Go get some tacos!

Discounted tacos on Tuesdays isn't going anywhere - grab your amigos and head to your favourite taco joint!


"Taco Tuesday" Cease & Desist to Blanco from Taco Time (pdf)


Blanco Logo (jpg)